Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sick Videos That You Should Watch!

First up today is a sad, strange, but sweet video that shows an airliner falling out of the sky, and blowing up into a million pieces. The weird thing is that it happened to be filmed while a middle eastern jet was being refueled in the sky. 

This video is the world's first BMX triple backflip done by New Zealand BMXer Jed Mildon. It's amazing to see how far the world of extreme sports has come especially in BMX, where a year ago this task would have seemed impossible.

Want to see a video of an adult baby? This National Geographic feature shows a California man who finds relaxation in role-playing as an infant.

A funny parody of the video above can be found here:

Now for the random video of the day:

Stay tuned for more sick blogs, including ways to make money, and waste time.

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  1. Nice list, saved the links for a boring sunday