Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm back better than ever

I took a break from the blog to focus on school and other activities, but nevertheless I am back with all new content.

The past may be forgettable for some and for others memories are an everlasting source of happiness. No matter what age you may be we all have memories that are important to our lives. One might remember World War II, while someone else had a deep passion for the civil reform movement. While I was not born when Woodstock occurred in 1969, I still find the pictures of the event to be obviously important, but also hilarious. Check out pictures from Woodstock and other historic events here.

Anyone remember the game console called SNES? Yes it's old, but had some of the greatest games ever created. Nowadays all you need is an emulator and some roms to play games like these on the computer, if you do not have the actual console and games. Forget that, now you can go snesbox and play any game on the SNES straight from your browser without downloading any other software.

Time flies by, we all know that. This funny little info graphic will make anyone feel really old. Basically it tells you how old some of your favorite shows are. For example Pokemon's first episode aired fifteen years ago. Some of them are pretty surprising, check it out.

Like playing pranks on people? Specifically your parents or siblings? Well now you can. With prison dial you can replicate a prepaid inmate call from prison. Scare your parents into thinking that you got locked up and need help getting bailed out. Try it out.

The end of the internet and I found it.