Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some food for thought

The first link today is to a website that specializes in selling self defense products. This includes a range of stun guns, pepper sprays, lock picks, police batons,and even spy products. One of my favorite things that I found among this goodie-bag of weapons is a special liquid called Liquid Nightmare. This concoction is sometimes used by the CIA and FBI for unusual matters because this liquid creates a chemical reaction when met with any other liquid to create a slippery blob like gel. Imagine all the potential uses!

I had no idea about the capabilities of hackers around the world. Many have been able to hack in to banks, companies, including Sony, Exxon, Shell, and BP, as well as industrial complexes. This video infomercial will inform you about an amazing virus, what it can do, and how it functions. The virus is called stuxnet and its sole purpose is to reach Iran's industrial equipment then shut it down. It can remain dormant for a long time till it reaches its desired destination. The worst part about the virus is that it can disguise itself to Microsoft and anti-viruses because it exploits "zero days". It is also an open source virus so it can be modified to your liking. If you want to check out the actual virus, and even download it if you want to, go here.

This is an interesting article about a man who was donating water to his neighbors, and because of this he was sentenced 300 hours of trash pick up.

A random but good link.

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